Proje Adı 

TSEZ Bilgi ve İnovasyon Merkezi Mimari Proje Yarışması



Yer I Tarih 

Tripoli, Lübnan I 2019


Yarışma Projesi, Katılımcı


Ofis I Karma I Konut

Yapı Alanı

45.100 m2

Tasarım Ekibi

caps. ile birlikte

Ece Doğan, Fatma Gökçen Kara, Onur Aşar, Tolga Han, Fırat Altundağ

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The approach

The main conceptual approach is the metabolistic embedment-as it refers to both form, topography and proposed functions. The parti here is to create a modest and refined intervention fused with the registered buildings and the existing urban pattern. This is made through the manipulation of existing topography through subterranean spaces. 


Niemeyer buildings are reconfigured with naïve touches with transparent and transient spaces with new exhibition spaces and an accompanied art passage in the immediate landscape. The macro scale reconfiguration is organized around a main urban backbone that connects Niemeyer buildings together and links new development phases at the both ends. 


The Oasis

The shell folds into embedded courtyards and public green spaces with a contrast oasis effect that coexist with the synthetic functional core for technology, innovation and information. The dichotomic existence of nature and technology provides an efficient and convenient Mediterranean environment for all users of the center.



Using a modular framework, all workspaces are configured for functional and spatial flexibility for ever-changing needs for technology development. Interior spaces are devised to facilitate peer communication and interaction through the dissolution of the boundary between the organic-landscape and the synthetic-the building.  


The Living

Housing blocks are devised regarding to the local climate with connecting modular blocks under the folding shell as they are attached with the -gardens for each living module.