Proje Adı 

WNDR Müzesi Enstalasyon Yarışması


WNDR Müzesi

Yer I Tarih

Chicago, ABD I 2019


Yarışma Projesi, Mansiyon Ödülü


Yerleştirme I Enstalasyon I Sanat

Yapı Alanı

30 m2

Tasarım Ekibi

Ece Doğan, Fatma Gökçen Kara, Emrecan Söker, Tolga Han

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“Imagination is the highest form of research.” 

                                                           Albert Einstein


Unlimited boarders, is an illusion of the infinity. It gives you another perspective and experience of a room, earth, universe and yourself.  


It seems a big translucent box within numerous layers. Every layer of the box are made of transparent plexiglass sheet which cut as a human form. Nothing is being expected without entering the box. You would start entering with a certain shape and movement. Each sheet gives you borders to your body, fills your overall body and reminds your scale.


Once you step into the box, you feel the infinity. Sheets lead you to do movements reaching to the end.  Every movement evokes to next sheet and enlightens your way. It offers you different kind of reality, imagination of universe and experience of infinity. It gives you borders with its shape and makes you feel the infinity with the light. It is surprisingly unexpected experience from one translucent box. At the end you would be filled with synchronized energy of the infinity. Last sheet represents your transformation. This movement is an opening to the massive reality with your new sense of understating the universe.


‘Unlimited Borders’ presents an extraordinary experience for the audience who watch performance outside of the box. Audience follows the movement of the visitor, sees visitor's new reality, decisions of movement, his transformation. When visitor moves, light would moves within a harmony. It shows a kind performance art which presented by each visitor in unique way.